School of Leadership and Discipleship

YFC/Rwanda wants to develop a generation of young leaders who are followers of Jesus Christ. For this cause, we started the School of Leadership and Discipleship (SLD) in 2009. For each year, 30 recent high school graduates undergo an 8 months' full time residential training to become godly leaders and true disciples of Jesus.  Presently, over 262 alumni are products of this program.

Our vision: 

To see Christian youth mature as disciple-makers and godly leaders. 

Our mission: 

To equip Christian students to become disciple-makers and godly leaders.

Core Values: 

1. Evangelism and discipleship

2. Scripture

3. Prayer and fasting 

4. Church

5. People

6. Mobilization

7. Integrity 



General objective:

To help young Christian leaders to become true Jesus’ disciples and godly leaders.

Specific objectives:


1. To understand the decision that they made to become followers of Christ.

2. To study the word of God and share its truth with others. (Teaching, preaching and discipleship)



1. Teach and model godliness and servant leadership.

2. Provide an opportunity for students to discover and use their spiritual gifts.

3. Guide students in applying Christian principles in non-Christian environments.

Program Structure: The program is divided into two phases. In Phase A, students have the opportunity to become grounded in their faith and serve alongside YFC/Rwanda.  In Phase B, students are encouraged to continue serving and build discipling relationships in their sphere of influence.