SLD 2018 is here!

21 candidates have enrolled for the School of Leadership and Discipleship program at YFC/Rwanda this January. SLD is a YFC/Rwanda initiative of developing a young generation of leaders who are followers of Jesus Christ. By disciplining them, our desire is that these young people become Christ’s voice in their local churches, institutions of higher learning and work places.

Topaz .M. Irakoze is one of the 21 candidates this year. Two of his siblings have gone through the same training. After graduating from SLD, Topaz’s brother started conducting bible studies at home, maturely handled crises and also played the piano better. “I anticipate more than what my brother got. My desire is to become a better follower of Jesus Christ and positively impact fellow youth after the training at SLD.” Topaz stated. Like Topaz, each of our students is excited about this program.

Please pray with us!  We’ve got huge a task of ensuring that Topaz and the 20 are positively transformed through this 10 years old ministry at YFC/Rwanda.