Thank you so much for wanting to donate to the work of YFC/Rwanda. This will make a huge difference in our work and enable us to continue supporting the young people in our nation.

The best way to donate from anywhere in the world is through Youth for Christ International.

Please send your contribution to YFC in Denver on these addresses;

Youth for Christ International,

P.O. Box 4555 Englewood Co 80155-4555 USA   OR

Youth for Christ Rwanda #425.0

Sponsor a child 425.08

Jean Baptiste Mugarura #425.01.

You can also give online here. Please check Rwanda under donation preference.

For larger amounts, it would probably be best to contact a member of YFCI team to make sure that your money is being transferred as efficiently as possible.Donations are tax-deductible in the United States of America to the extent allowed by law.