South-West chapter is one of the 6 chapters of YFC/Rwanda. It is located in the western part of the country, working through 3 districts of Rusizi, Nyamasheke and Karongi. This ministry started in 2016. The chapter coordinator is a full-time volunteer with a 7 board of trustees’ members and 50 locally trained community volunteers.

We work with 6 local churches of different denominations, that is: Anglican church, Presbyterian church, Pentecost church, Free Methodist church, Friends church and Restoration church.

Under school ministry we work with 7 local high schools; GSFAKibogora, GSRuheru, ESRangiro, TTC Rubengera, ES Rubengera, ES Urumuri, and Friends School of Kamembe .

We live up to YFC’s vision in these ways:

We are committed to creating connecting events for young people through:

1. Christian movies,

2. High school concerts,

3. Holiday youth camps,

4. Adventure trips,

5. Sports events.

Prayer movement: We carry out bible study, prayer programs such as prayer triplet, prayer meetings and chain prayers.

Project serve activities where our youth engage in serving the less privileged communities through outstanding community work.

Discipleship classes in schools and communities.

Worth the wait program where young people are encouraged to abstain from sex until marriage. We have great testimonies: Many have committed themselves to this.

We equip youth through youth ministry in local churches by sharing the resources with the church, training youth church workers and all our volunteers.

Contact us:

Alain Irankunda South-West chapter coordinator


Tel: +250727338736