About the Eastern Chapter

YFC eastern chapter is located in the eastern part of Rwanda in Rwamagana District. It is made up of 4 local communities such as; Rwamagana in Rwamagana District, Matimba in Nyagatare District, Gatore and Nyarubuye in Kirehe District where volunteers work with the chapter coordinator to minister to schools, churches and in the communities. 

The chapter has 178 registered volunteers  who undergo training to be empowered to minister with us in schools and churches. We also have a Board of trustees.

We do Church Ministry in  partnership with 15 Churches and 7 Action groups. We minister to and with those churches, especially by providing trainings to their youth leaders and pastors on basic Christian faith and youth ministry topics, to equip them to minister to young people and make them disciples of Christ.

We also minister in 10 schools. In 7 of these schools, we disciple Christian students through bible study, small groups and discipleship classes.

We have Leadership and Discipleship Training ( LDT) where at least 10 young adults and youth leaders from churches are trained every year to empower their life in Christ and  equip them to help their fellow youth.

We have prayer movements where groups meet to pray for the youth and for our ministry.

We do Project Serve where our volunteers are mobilized and encouraged to serve in poorer communities. Homes are built for widows and the communities are helped. Testimonies from schools, churches and the communities in general reveal how impacting and life transforming our youth ministry is in the lives of young people.


Hakolimana Camille: Eastern chapter coordinator

Tel: +250722636572

Email: hakolimanacamille@gmail.com