Youth for Christ Rwanda is a charter member nation within Youth for Christ International. Our ministries were officiated in 1995, under the pioneer-ship of Mr. Mugarura Jean Baptiste, as the first National Director.

Our primary focus is to reach out to young people everywhere in Rwanda with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have presence in all the six provinces of Rwanda through the establishment of a ministry chapter in each of the provinces. 

We are also reaching young people through the 24 local communities located in our various chapters all over the country.

We focus on youth evangelism, discipleship and leadership development, in addition to social involvement where young people are equipped to meet the needs of the vulnerable in their communities. 

We are also educating the youth of this nation through operating Kigali Christian Schools. The sponsorship program makes it possible for many kids from poor families of Rwanda to get quality education which they could not afford elsewhere.

"Youth for Christ Rwanda ministries are sustained by the grace of God, plus generous gifts from like-minded partners around the world".